Children's Class

Our 4-6 year old Taekwon-Do program is a special program designed for the younger Martial Artist, taking their age and development into consideration.

Our program enhances self confidence, self control, self-esteem, focus, discipline and coordination through fun and exciting training programs that help the young Masters with a well-rounded development.

Adult Class

This program is for teens and adults of all ages. Our Taekwon-Do program is very challenging and rewarding. You'll find you become addicted to Taekwon-Do with the benefits of a stronger mind and body. Each individual trains for different reasons, be it self defense, self confidence, enhanced coordination, a cardio workout or a new hobby.

Tournament Training

Our competitive Taekwon-Do classes are special training classes for the individual who seeks elite training for competitions. This elite training is 1.5 hours of intense training given by Grand Master Lu and Master Seely. The emphasis of this program is on technical training and theory.

Lu's TaeKwon-Do