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Master Peggy Seely
Black Belt VIII

Mr. Marcus Ma
Black Belt VI

Mr. Tony Thang
Black Belt V

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Mr. Ryan van den Berg
Black Belt IV

Mr. Hugh Hotson
Black Belt IV

Grand Master Lu

Senior Grand Master Phap Lu currently holds an 9th Degree Black Belt and has studied TaeKwon-Do for over 35 years.

Grand Master Lu was born in Saigon, Vietnam in 1956. At the age of 13, he started TaeKwon-Do training and received his 1st Degree Black Belt at the age of 15. He then became an Instructor at the famous Ohdokwan TaeKwon-Do School in Vietnam.

In 1979, Grand Master Lu came to Canada and joined Jung Park's Taekwon-Do School as an Assistant Instructor and trained under the tutelage of Park Jung Taek.

Grand Master Lu won first place in Free Style Breaking Techniques at the Inter Continental Cup in Quebec City in 1982. He also helped the Canadian Team place 1st overall at the same tournament. Grand Master Lu was a Gold Medallist in the 4th World TaeKwon-Do Championship held in Scotland in 1984. Over 45 countries participated and Grand Master Lu helped lead the Canadian Team to be the victorious Grand Champions.

In 1989, the Founder of TaeKwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi, requested Grand Master Lu, to assist him with International Instructor's Seminars around the world. Grand Master Lu assisted General Choi since that time with International Instructor's Seminars until the General's death in 2002.






Mr. Curtis Lu
Black Belt IV